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  • Cyber Risk Assessment Services

Cyber Risk Assessment Services

15 May 2017

David Cohen, BDO Forensics and Cyber Lab |
Warren Carr, IT Partner (Associate) |

Cyber Risk Management is a proven discipline for complementing other decision making processes and gives powerful techniques to evaluate Cyber risks. Leading global organisations are adopting an approach to Cyber Risk Management that transforms the management of cyber risk from a reactionary approach into a comprehensive solution underpinned by profound scenario planning. This approach to Cyber Risk Management enables organisations to make faster and more informed decisions and to seize opportunities as soon as they arise. As leaders in Cyber Risk Management, BDO Namibia Cyber Lab provides flexible solutions that enable large and small businesses alike to embed Cyber Risk Management strategies into their organisations. Using our proven methodologies and flexible tools, organisations can manage their own risk, developing the capability to incorporate effective Cyber Risk Management in day-to-day situations.

At BDO Namibia Cyber Lab we understand frameworks, methodologies and implementation strategies that deliver optimum outcomes. This includes separating strategic from operational risks, analysing risk exposures from operational contexts, prioritising risks and developing Cyber Risk Management plans as well as producing valuable reporting. Drawing on our depth of experience, we tailor our services to suit the Cyber Risk Management needs of each client. We are able to adapt our solutions to internal and competitive environments and firmly believe that Cyber Risk Management should make organisations more agile and safe.

We develop and implement Cyber Risk Management solutions using a patented, flexible KnowRisk platform which allows us to construct a risk profile of an entire organisation, individual business unit or specific project. Using this generic, fully customisable tool, organisations can apply their own Cyber Risk Management processes to guard against the threat of cyber risks in their IT environments. The KnowRisk database has been designed to “learn over time” from the information it has accumulated, with built in algorithms that can assist users to select the best controls for the job. KnowRisk includes a range of reports that are up to the minute, fully detailed and can be refined down to essential elements for board level use.

The BDO Namibia Cyber Lab KnowRisk product suite contains different databases and licenses that fulfil a range of risk strategies under a technologically integrated solution, providing scope to decide what is most applicable to your organisational needs.


With extensive experience and a strong track record for proven delivery, we offer:

  • A top-down view aligning Cyber Risk Management with both the strategic planning process and day-to-day operational activities
  • Planning and implementation of Cyber Risk Management frameworks across functional areas
  • Mapping of cyber risks against a plethora of standards available e.g. COBIT, ITIL, ISO27001, KING IV and NIST
  • Diagnostic services providing scores and indicators to enable implemented solutions to be adjusted, ensuring effective working over time
  • An integrated approach to Cyber Risk, compliance and audit, reinforcing a culture and philosophy of Cyber Risk Management throughout the organisation.
  • Reporting of Inherent and Residual Risks in heat maps and trend analyses
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics